How To Land Your Dream Job

"Are You Looking for your Dream Job?
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You Totally Love!"

A fully illustrated, easy to read and step-by-step Toolkit, full of ideas, tips and strategies on
How To Land Your Dream Job




"I am living testimony that Martin's 'crazy ideas' really do work. I had been in a good job for six years, but felt that I was no longer being stretched.

Martin took me through the processes in this book and helped me create my 'dream job'.

Over a period of several months, I spoke to a company that I believed best matched the dream. I've now been with this very company for two years and still can't believe how much I enjoy going to work each day (or at least on the three days a week that I do work - part-time was part of the dream which became a reality!)."

Wendy McCulla
Small Business Consultant

T he Secrets of Getting the Job You Love,
Without Tears, Frustration or Fear,
from Just Thinking About It,
to the Day You are Successful...and Beyond!

A personal message from Martin Haworth.
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Dear Friend,

How would you like to get yourself a job your really love? In fact, the 'Dream Job' you have always looked for?

Imagine for a moment what that would be like . You get up for work every day with a spring in your step, actually enthusiastic about the day ahead!

"An inspirational read; I landed my dream job within a week of reading this book".

Joan Morris
University of Liverpool

What sort of a difference would it make to you, your family and friends, if you were so thrilled with each work day, that you were full of energy and excitement when you got home? How about work meaning that you could be the fun, interesting and happy person that you just know you are, deep down inside when you got home?

Just think about the possibilities for your own life as well. A life where you really are having fun! Not in just half of your life, but the whole of your life. How much better would that be for a life?


Is a Dream Job Really Possible?

Well, yes it is, if you know how to set about it. Truth is, hundreds and thousands of people make it to their dream job. Yet many, many more do not. In fact a recent survey showed that 43% of retirees said that they wished they had chosen a different career.


job for life

For them (and James, above) it’s too late. For many, for YOU, there is still time.

You see, you have choices you can make right now, today, that will propel you on to become who and what you really want to be at work.

For you, not to be one of that 43% for whom there is now no hope. You have the chance they did not have...

"But Wait, Martin!

It’s Hard - Almost Impossible

To Get the Job You Want…

Isn’t It?"

You're right - it is! For those who struggle on, year in, year out trying to understand what it is that’s missing from their work-life. In fact it’s a living nightmare that leads to inaction, frustration and eventually, giving in to the job you have, being ‘all there is’.

But if you have a game-plan; a formula that works with you and for you - to shape the work-life you have into one full of possibilities, you will gain the enthusiasm and focus to move yourself forward. So, how about having…

Your Own Personal Step-by-Step Guide

to the Job of Your Dreams

In under a couple of hours (or less - checkout the bonuses!) easy reading, you can have all the tools you need to make the difference to your life you never thought possible – because that’s all it takes to read and thoroughly understand the steps you can take immediately.

Full of individually crafted cartoons to really illustrate the key points and actions, "How To Land Your Dream Job" makes the challenge of finding, preparing and successfully applying for your 'dream job' not only a snip, but one that is fun, fulfilling and ultimately rewarding for not just you, but your family and friends as well.

'6 Simple Steps to Your Dream Job'
A Free, Mini-Course
stacked full of great ideas,
just for you!

You can take these great hints and tips and put them to work - Right Away - at NO COST to you at all!
It's an exciting kick-start for you to try out some of the ideas in an simple, 3-part course, delivered straight to your inbox over the next week.
And, in case you were wondering, we are absolutely clear about e-mail addresses. We NEVER share, give out or do anything at all that might damage the trust you have given us by trying out this course. Period!
Just sign up, click and you're all set!
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Finally! A Way Out of the Aimless Rut

You Are Stuck In!

It could be that you are in a hole in your life and you don’t know why! You see age creeping up on you and your job is, well, a job. You feel that there must be more to your life. The "How To Land Your Dream Job" Toolkit helps you get really clear on why it’s vital that you get as great a life in work as you do outside.

"Excellent - I could not put it down! Very readable, thought provoking and action orientated.

I challenge anyone to read through and not be spurred onto action. I would highly recommend for anyone at a crossroads, young, old, mid-life and especially 18-25 year olds!

A must have for anyone giving (and receiving!) career advice."

Sian Williams
Training and Development Manager

If you ever wondered what a ‘Dream Job’ was, then the "How To Land Your Dream Job" Toolkit, Chapter 3 tells you all about that. Many things to many different people, there is a pattern to what everyone is looking for. And it might not be quite what you think!

Hey Martin...that’s all very well, but what about me! How do I fit into all this? Don’t worry, you’re covered too. In "How To Land Your Dream Job" Toolkit Chapter 4I show you ways and means of getting clear to what is right just for you. No job is perfect for everyone, nor is any job perfect, yet, there is a great job for everyone! No more being close; no more compromising. It’s about simple activities you can undertake to get much closer to what works for you.

Maybe you are bored, frustrated and tired of what you are doing right now – and those are just a few of the symptoms that can give you strong hints that you (a round peg) are in a square hole. In "How To Land Your Dream Job" Toolkit Chapter 6, we help you find out why you are there, how you can learn for the future and how you can build your confidence that better - much better is around the corner!

"Martin has produced a well written and informative book full of practical, down to earth information.

This book can be considered as an essential guide in helping everyone in achieving fulfilment in the career they choose to pursue."

Judith Underhill - Business and Management Coach and Trainer

Perhaps you're in a position of choice, where you can take a little time to move on and yet you don’t know how. "How To Land Your Dream Job" Toolkit Chapter 8 helps with this too - and how a little more time can make you much more, even irresistably attractive when it comes to...

...Successfully applying for the job. We've a section here about what you can do to make yourself irresistibly attractive to recruiters. "How To Land Your Dream Job" Toolkit Chapter 10 shows you real achievable steps you can take, starting today, that will make the difference even in the most competitive situations!

Sometimes people realise they have a passion about their future. Somehow, somewhere it hits them and they don’t see clearly the tactics to get there. Remarkably, some people get there quickly; others are slower by choice; others slower because they have work to do to prepare for the future they want. I show the way to plan, plot and scheme your way to success.

"For me this book is the 'fine dining' of the 'how to' genre of business writing.

Martin has sifted through and condensed all the juicy bits from every book I've ever read about job hunting, self-awareness and self-development.

He's prepared a simple, palatable, digestible feast and then he's topped  it off with a sauce that allows the reader actually to 'taste', the 'dream job' and know how to order it."
Jilly Shaul - ICF Master Certified Coach

Maybe you’re in successful mid-career and yet you don’t quite feel right. There is something eating away at you, deep down inside which says – I need something else – and I don’t know what it is. Chapter 1 shows you how to find out more, much more about what it is that you need to know.

And also, in case you’re wondering about help – the whole of "How To Land Your Dream Job" Toolkit Chapter 9  gives you a unique insight to the tools that very successful people use - and you can too! On how you can, without any cost to yourself, utilise skills you already have, with people you already know, to maximise the possibilities of getting your 'Dream Job'. To such an extent that it will be hard to see how you can fail!

But, it's not just about any old job you're going to be looking for - it might even fulfill your wildest dreams, like Elaine and Ken, below...

"This book really helped my husband and I realize our dream of setting up a new business. The job I was in just didn't seem right.

With Martin's help, using the very practical ideas you'll find in the book, our dream has come true.

We have always wanted to offer good quality holiday accommodation, in a beautiful part of the world - we just needed to believe it was possible - thanks, Martin!"

Elaine & Ken Walker

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It Doesn't Matter Who You Are,

Where You Are or What Your Situation...

This is A Step-by-Step Toolkit

You Can Start Today!

This 'Toolkit' is as comprehensive as you can get. From your beginning inklings that things need to change, to giving you tools that you can use again and again. Because once you are in your ‘Dream Job’ you will find you are able to do it really well (because you love it) and so the future may spin out a bit differently than you might expect. There are tools to help you! In "How To Land Your Dream Job" Toolkit Chapter 11, we explore many more possibilities for you!

If you are struggling with some ideas about what to do; where to start; how to make it work – STOP. This e-book makes it clear, in an organised way for the most progressive way forward for you. The unfocused struggle and self-defeating frustration STOPS HERE.

What STARTS here is the notion that a planned and gradual approach is where success comes from. And that’s exactly what you get!


step by step works!

"All I can say is that this stuff works!

I worked with Martin in exactly the way this books tells you. From being stuck in an unrecognised rut, not entirely believing that I had the potential, but with a burning ambition to get somewhere, this structured approach was perfect for me.

Now, not only have I been held in the highest regard in a role I got, quickly, but I have been recognised for my potential and have a new job I truly love. I am motivated and fulfilled.

Who knows what will come next.

I am so pleased Martin worked with me -  the book works through everything we did - and more - and great value too!"

Senior Strategist UK Public Body


And You Too Can Join the Growing Band
of Joyful Individuals

Who Love Their Job...Day-In, Day-Out!

Do you remember that a recent multi-national survey found that 43% of pensioners wished they had changed career.

That’s almost 1 in 2 individuals could have done something about it and, for whatever reason, they didn’t. Now, you have no such excuse. The choice is down to you deciding to do something now, or reflect on disappointment for the rest of your life.

And these days, that's a long, long time.

"Martin has drawn on his extensive managerial and coaching experience to produce a  book that is practical, easy to read and is packed with tips and information. 

A must read if you are looking to get more fulfilment from your job and career."

Steve Pauley
Top Coach Training



No More Does Anyone, Anywhere Need To Suffer

A Working Experience They Hate



This “How To Land Your Dream Job” Toolkit is as easy as it comes. The way forward is laid out for you in easy to use steps in a simple, yet comprehensive 'read and do' format.


There really is no excuse for putting up with a horrible employer, who, frankly doesn’t deserve you. Let others who don’t want to move on stay, that’s up to them. You can and will get what you want in your work. And in your life.


Are you ready to make changes that will make a huge difference to you and those you love. Now is the time – not wishing you’d taken the steps you could have, when you reflect on your life in later years. That is just not good enough – and I won’t let you!




so how will you benefit from the "How To Land Your Dream Job" Toolkit 


Stop your frustration NOW. At last, you'll see (page 38) there is a way forward to quickly get ahead - and get what YOU want! You now have every tool you need.

How to get really (and I mean REALLY) clear on exactly what a Dream Job is all about. No waffle; no spin - it's time (page 5) to start the process of getting you what you want, by understanding just what it truly is.

How just one little word (page 113) in the right place at the right time can make all the difference between success and failure. So much so that assessors are trained to listen for it!

Never be jammed in a hole again! With these tools you'll get stuck into a powerful action plan (page 40) using the skills and talents you've already got, just waiting to burst out!

From TODAY, you will know how to build a workplace experience (page 101) that goes way beyond rewarding, fulfilling and pleasurable. It will take you and your performance to the next level and make you irresistable to your next employer.

Never before revealed (page 87) - a so very simple tactic, in everyday conversations that can transform the relationship that you have with anyone at all - multiple relationships you can leverage time and again, to your definite advantage!

Get out of that boring frustrating and empty job at last. It's time (page 61) to escape the grind of a soulless job that gives you little recognition and leaves you miserable. And a job that you don’t even like!

Time to smarten up and ship out. By building your personal self-esteem and confidence, (page 53) not to mention relationship building skills, you will have a whole bucket of opportunities coming at you - ready to catch some?

And, we'll help you not just with your job, but with a better LIFE (page 54). Yes, that includes a far better home life with family and friends, so never again will they feel the sharp edge of your frustration.

Are you ready to hugely develop your own built-in ability to get others working with you in your quest, without making anyone (including you) feel uneasy? We will tell you how to unleash the power of an enormous army (page 76) on your side - and the fun that will bring you!

And, by making this part of a way bigger plan, we help you see ways to share your own experiences (page 138) with others and help them see a way forward as well - something no-one else has ever done for them.

Want a better standard of living? Well, this will generate a better income for yourself (page 63). Because those people who match themselves to the right job are, most often, far, far better at their job too – so they (that's you!) get better financial reward!

By looking closely at the work you are doing right now (page 40)you will clearly see the potential it holds for you - even if you hate every minute! How you can leverage the job you are in today, to give you the future you want in the tomorrows to come.

It's time to have the courage to take control of your own future (page 49), by following the plan of action we give you, and stop blaming everyone else.

Even if you love the work you do and the place you do it, you can create much better value for the organization you work for now, as you are more engaged and capable in the right job (page 135). Who knows, the very next promotion posting might well be YOU.

Are You Ready? To stop dreaming about your your ‘Dream Job’ and get on doing some things (page 54), that will quickly and easily make it a reality. With the help we give you here, yes, you really can move from...

If Only....


I Can!

With your "How To Land Your Dream job" Toolkit, you’ll get full guidance on everything above, as well as hundreds of tips and ideas to get you going. In fact, if you follow just some of the contents of the toolkit, you’ll need to work quite hard not to succeed in your quest!

Enough? Click Here to Buy Right Away!

This toolkit is ready to roll; start right way stuff with a plan of action you can introduce at your pace, to suit your own, very personal needs.


""Wow... Martin's book doesn't just explain, step by step, how to land your dream job... it explains how to identify exactly what that dream job is... and why it's so important for you to get it.

I can't think of anyone who wouldn't benefit from the Chapter 4 exercises that help you identify what your dream job is, and I bet more than a few people will get a massive "a-ha!" moment from that chapter alone.

In fact, the book is filled with many more revelations too - everything from how to tell when it's time for a career change... to how to realistically go about getting your dream job.

Martin's book also helps you navigate the typical, and often daunting, recruitment process, and includes invaluable guidelines on aspects such as how to prepare a CV and how to handle a job interview.

If you want your dream job: get this book."

Anna Johnson
Author, Insider Job Secrets Revealed

There is a word of warning here. Anything you buy is only as good as your action steps. If you do them, it will work. If you don’t – well, it won’t. The "How To Land Your Dream Job" Toolkit is pre-arranged in easy to access sections to help you choose what you need  to do next. All you have to do is decide when – and stick to it!

Right Then, Martin…Enough Already!

I Need To Know the Cost of This

Amazing and Life-Changing Toolkit!

Well  how much would it be worth to lead a happy fulfilled and joyful life? And how much would it cost you to not to? Its tough to calculate such a life-changing experience, isn’t it?

The "How To Land Your Dream Job" Toolkit is culled from hundreds of client hours, not to mention the thousands of days managing the careers of hundreds and thousands of people in the corporate world – and not to mention the hundreds and thousands of hours recruiting through interviewing and other selection processes.

Let’s look at it another way. As a personal development coach, I charge clients $300-500 an hour when I work with them one-to-one. And that charge is replicated, sometimes for months and even years. For me to work with you for a year, twice a month, is going to cost you around $5000 minimum.

And, think about this, what value would you place on excitement, fun, fulfilment, motivation, time, energy, challenge, success and achievement in your day job, to take home with you to share with friends and family. How much would you pay for that. Some clients have told me it's not measurable, one said $10,000, and another said 'millions'!

But I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that amount and I’ll tell you why in a moment. In fact, your total investment for all the tips, step-by-step chapters and the remarkable and unique resources (as well as the unique secrets!) in the "How To Land Your Dream Job" Toolkit is just $47. The new life you’ll have, the potential for a ‘dream’ future and the potential for growing your financial income, means that this is a mere fraction of the value you will receive.

So, "Why are you selling this at such a low price – and what’s the catch?" You might ask.

You’re right! And there are THREE reasons:-

  • Firstly, this life-changing course is available worldwide, over the internet, thus reducing my costs significantly. I need no-one around to help me. It’s the wonder of the virtual world (though I am a totally real person and if you want to talk with me, then you can anytime, at the number at the bottom of the page). You get great price savings passed on – so we’re both winners!

  • Secondly, I want to help as many people as I can to make a difference in their own lives. It makes me feel like I’m contributing to a bigger thing in the world too.

  • And finally, remember, your investment is conditional on YOU taking action – I’m selling it to you at a great price, so that you feel both committed to action as well as being able to afford it.


doors start opening


How does that sound to you?

4 FREE Bonuses For Ordering By Midnight


worth more than the cost of your purchase!

Bonus One

As a special free bonus for acting immediately, I'm going to add in a 'How to Land Your Dream Job' 56-page Workbook. This will give you a head start in planning your actions in a convenient ready to print out format. Plenty of space to design the rest of your career...and life. What I want for you is your success and happiness, then you can write me and let me know!

This is easily a $39.97 value.

Bonus Two

If you've decided to get on board right away, I'm adding in, free of charge a 20-minute audio overview of the 'How To Land Your Dream Job' Toolkit.

This audio, straight from the horse's mouth (that is me!), will help you significantly, because in a nutshell you will hear the way you progress quickly (or slowly, depending on what you need), through the step-by-step program.

In just 20 minutes or so you will understand precisely the components of this unique and amazing program to your successful future.

This essential tool is another $49.97 value.

Bonus Three

You might be wondering how you set about making the time for this. Hey, you've got a day job and families and other demands on your time. Well, I have a treat for you right now. In your free bonuses, I'm including a link to Michael Green and Peter Twist's 'Diary Profit' Interview, both hard copy and audio.

In this, Michael talks with Peter Twist about how he sets about scheduling his time very precisely in the busy business he operates. With 10 great ideas, there are bound to be many that you will want to incorporate in your day, to plan and delivery your 'Dream Job' strategy

These guys give this to you free, and from my own personal experience, this essential tool is another $49.97 value.

Bonus Four

As a further spur to action, you will receive, every Friday, for 52 weeks, your 'How to Land Your Dream Job' Amazing Achievement Checklist, which will help you enormously.

Specially created for owners of the Success Guide, the 'How to Land Your Dream Job' Amazing Achievement Checklist encourages you to reflect the successes of your week...and more! You can take 5 minutes over it, or an hour - or not at all, it's up to you!

This helps you see what you really have achieved in your week (and spurring you on to even greater achievements), what slipped past (and how important or not that was to you) and what, maybe, your priorities are in the next week (thus setting the scene for next week's progress well in advance!)

I even use this myself and find it an invaluable tool for to work with, which adds almost unlimited value. Even at a measly 99¢ a week, you'll get way more value than 50 bucks a year out of this - stick with it and you will be more than well on your way to your 'Dream Job', well before then!

This essential 'call to action' tool is another $51.48 value (at least!). 

That's over $170 of free bonuses direct to you for making this unique and amazing purchase - but be quick, these won't be here for ever! I'm only going to include these 4 bonuses for the first 250 buyers, then they will become addon purchases after buyers have bought the 'How to Land Your Dream Job' Toolkit.

The 'How to Land Your Dream Job' Toolkit
Makes Achieving Your ‘Dream Job’ a Snip!

Your success in using this powerful toolkit is completely guaranteed. In fact, here’s my total
"Hassle Free Complete Personal Guarantee"

The Hassle Free




You have my personal guarantee that if you follow the contents of the "How To Land Your Dream Job" e-book, you will make significant progress in achieving your goal of work that you love. You will make fundamental changes to the way you see your opportunities and potential, which will bring you great benefits and success. If your investment in this product is aimed at giving you a wonderful work experience that will be of great value to you, you will find it here. You have a full 56 days to prove to yourself that this product works for you. If you aren’t 100% satisfied, let me know and I’ll refund everything you paid without a single word of a question. And the bonuses are yours to keep, just for being courageous enough to take a look. And I really mean that!

That's my complete and total guarantee. I want for you to be satisfied and beyond with this product – and I’m confident that you will be!

In fact I’m delighted to be taking all the risk. You can try out the contents of this step-by-step programme of activities and see if they work for you. Life is way too short for you to be dissatisfied with my products – so don’t be!

with the hassle free guarantee

If the product doesn’t live up to what you’re expecting, I want you to tell me and I will make sure that you get your money back just as fast as I can get it to you. My background is providing amazing customer service and that’s what I will deliver to you – it’s a personal promise! And you know what - you can keep the bonuses - I'll even keep sending you the 'How to Land Your Dream Job' Amazing Achievement Checklist, just for having a go!

Look at it this way -- $47 is really a painless drop in the ocean compared with the frustration and demoralisation you are going to feel in the job that isn’t right for you. And at no risk to you, can you even think of affording not to buy this?

That's why...

You Really Can't Afford To Waste Another Second of Your Life

Without The "How To Land Your Dream Job" Toolkit!

And it’s a breeze to get going straight away. Just Click Here and you can get your "How To Land Your Dream Job" Toolkit, immediately downloaded to your computer. In minutes you can start to realize just what this opportunity offers to you.

It’s time to get ready to roll. Time to get yourself going on a hugely exciting phase of your life that is going to make a huge difference to you. Time to make that easy, risk-free step that will change your life forever, if you want to. Order Now!

Yours Sincerely

 How To Land Your Dream Job Signature

Martin Haworth

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P.P.S. Remember, this is a unique opportunity to change your life. Not in a woolly or vague way, but in a practical sense that makes a huge difference to your life. This is a step-by-step guide that shows you "How to Land Your Dream Job"; a job that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

There can’t be a more valuable resource around than that!

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